All About Lucy…

Lucy grew up in a house full of music: one of her earliest memories is standing by her Father and singing while he played the piano. She was encouraged by her Dad to sing at local Poetry and Folk evenings from the age of four with him accompanying on guitar. Lucy learned to play the piano and oboe as a young girl, and at ten began studying the harp at Bexley Music Centre.

Lucy studied for a music degree at King's College London before moving to Cambridge. Here, she studied Music Therapy, before teaching at King's College School, Cambridge and then as Director of Music at St. Faith’s School in Cambridge. Having left full-time teaching in 2014 Lucy now divides her time between performing, recording, teaching and directing. She currently directs the children’s community choir City Singers and the choir of St Andrew’s Church in Cherry Hinton.

Lucy has released four solo albums: ‘May the Rain Fall Softly’ (2008), ’Penny on the Water’ (2010) and ‘Somewhere Between the Words’ (2016) and ‘Bright Morning Star: Songs for Christmas’ (2017) with GingerDog Records.

What people are saying…

When an artist compiles a CD, there is generally one obvious opening track to grab the listener’s attention.
With this CD, there would have been many possible first tracks, because there are so many interesting and attractive songs all delivered with a relaxed and committed style, brimming with confidence and feel good factor. Several of the songs were written by her father, but other composers included include Kate Bush and Paul Simon.

Lucy Bunce performs with her father and friends in this very personal CD which is a tribute to her Mother who sailed from South Africa to Europe many years ago. Lucy herself combines her clear and pristine voice where every word can be clearly heard with her lovely harp playing in some of the tracks such as the Turtle Dove - an arrangement of a traditional song, reflecting Lucy’s love of music from the British Isles with some effortless melodic decoration. But the CD is about many more musical styles than that: Lucy’s style is eclectic: rhythms and melodies reminiscent of Africa and American country and western can be heard too, but all the styles mingle seamlessly.

Special mention should be made of the saxophone playing of Mike Haughton, especially atmospheric in Moments of Pleasure. Like Lucy, he certainly knows how to embellish a musical line and his countermelodies, breaks and improvisations really add something to this disc.

The whole group mesh together really well and it is touching that Lucy and her father whose voices blend beautifully sing together in the song about her mother’s voyage from Africa on the ship called the Carnavon Castle.

The recording quality is excellent and has a feeling of intimacy with the instruments feeling as if they are in the room with the listener.

Much of the material on this CD is intentionally inspirational and reveals Lucy’s deep faith, but this CD is for everyone, whether they have any kind of faith or none.

I have listened to this CD over and over and feel uplifted every time.
- Danielle Perrett, January 2017


Lucy's voice is as clear and beautiful as the dustless sky is in winter…
- Shuichi SzczeciƄski-Yamanov Yamada, Premier Radio Listener

A beautifully atmospheric and relaxing evening. Lucy’s voice and harp music is an absolute joy to listen to; poetic, soothing, and always moving. This is the perfect event for a church setting, and an evening to which anyone could be invited; guests would immediately feel at ease, especially with Lucy’s warm welcome and calming music. Certainly the ideal opportunity to escape the busyness of life and enjoy some true relaxation.
- Ella Green, CraftAid International Gig

Beautiful, thought provoking songs......amazing musicians.....anointed voice and special chemistry between Lucy and her Dad !
Tessa Hessey, Cambridge City Church Gig

Just to say thank you & many congratulations on last night's success! We all thoroughly enjoyed the evening, Cecilia particularly values hearing you playing & singing yourself. Thorsten was very impressed by the gift you can share & enjoy as a family - a rare rapport and a happy roll of the genetic dice.
- Fiona Riddall Bell, Cambridge City Church Gig

Thank you so much for a really wonderful evening last night - beautiful music and a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.
- Hermione Fairbairn, Cambridge City Church Gig

Thank you for a wonderful concert, we both really enjoyed it. Emily's words were "It was brilliant!" And so nice for you to be able to play with members of your family too. Looking forward to the CD!
- Helen Garside-Hornby, Cambridge City Church Gig

Not so much on behalf of all who attended your concert last night ---- about whose appreciation, welcome and enjoyment I hope you cannot have been in doubt ---- but more on behalf of the committee of FOSA I write to thank you and your band/family for the really wonderful and joyous occasion you gave us. The music, its performance, the blend and virtuosity of the instruments, and the songs with the moving interplay of you and your Dad made for a very special evening. Many, many thanks to you all.
- Alastair Lorimer, St Andrew’s Girton Gig

It was such a wonderful evening I simply do not have enough superlatives.
- Diana Johnson, St Andrew’s Girton Gig

I felt so proud of you last night! SUCH stunning vocals, beautiful songs and gorgeous music!
- Kate Green, Cambridge City Church Gig

An excellent evening! Well done, Lucy & Co!
- Angela Kemn, Cambridge City Church Gig

A truly wonderful and inspiring evening! x
- Davina Shore, Cambridge City Church Gig